Our Vision and Mission


Nineveh Outreach was founded in 1997 to address the pain and sorrow of the discouraged and disadvantaged in the City of Modesto through providing groceries and clothing to families in need.  Since that time, Nineveh Outreach has added services through our Hope Free Clinics, Nineveh Bike Shop, Kids 180, Rocketeer Reading Program, Thursday Food Pantry and Nineveh Auto Care.  The goal of these services is to help provide resources to those who are going through a tough time.

Helping People Get Through Tough Times

The Core Values of Nineveh Outreach:

We Value Our Clients
We promote an environment where people are valued and helped not on the basis of their race, economic status or religious belief.

We Value Our Volunteers
Our volunteers are the most valued asset of our organization, an essential and passionate participant with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission and vision.

We Value Our Volunteer's Time
We find practical and effective means to meet the needs of our clients through Excellent Execution Every Time.

We Strive For Improvement
We always evaluate what we are doing to continually challenge our methods and ask how we can simplify and improve our services to the community. We believe a crazy idea to change our city, is not an impossibility.

We Value Our Partnerships
We value healthy and helpful relationships with individuals and community minded agencies who will supply material items, groceries and financial resources as well as personal time.

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